About us

In 1986 two passionate surfers and windsurfers from Italy (Mauro Goggi and Toto Volpe) were vacationing in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), enjoying their daily routine of windsurfing and surfing the whole day. 

Day after day and week after week, time passed by quickly. Without realizing it , they started to forget about their stress and work at home. Loads of work were waiting for them there. And one night it happened..They were sitting at Cotrralejo´s ocean front, looking at the sea and the stars at night. They were talking about the intense windsurfing day they have 
had, when they decided to change their lifes by becoming everlasting surfers. They will never come back to the office.

Every surfer has the dream to windsurf all day long in warm water and sunny days . This is how they came to the conclusion that    "working is for people who don't surf" .It was the right time to create the brand and lifestyle "NO WORK TEAM."